Here are some examples of my work arranged by topic. Note: Due to how busy I am, this section has not been updated with any of my recent writing for Bay Area New Group. To see that work, please visit and search "Kezra." 


Women Come Out to Take Part in Anti-Draft Prayer

The Jerusalem Post, in print March 3, 2014. Religious women voice their opinion on changing Israeli draft laws during a demonstration. Photo also by Victoria Kezra

Israeli Campuses Launch Joint Programs With China

The Jerusalem Post, in print May 20, 2014. Universities in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem solidify their bonds with China through joint education centers.

Greens Keepers

Syracuse New Times, in print March 6, 2013. Story about the meeting of the Syracuse Green party to talk about the upcoming city elections and platform reform. Photo also by Victoria Kezra

Shepperd's Flock

Syracuse New Times, in print April 3, 2013. Interview with poet Walt Shepperd about his new book of poetry. 




The ‘Pacific Rim’ Geekfest: Portal, Godzilla, Mecha & More Influences

The Daily Beast, appeared online July 13th 2013. A look at the media that influenced 'Pacific Rim.'  

Violence in 'Kick-Ass 2': the Comic Book vs. the Movie  

 The Daily Beast, appeared online August 19th, 2013 . Comparing the Kick-Ass movie franchise with the comics they are based on.

12 Best Robots in Film 

The Daily beast, appeared online July 13th, 2013. A countdown of the most beloved movie robots.  




13 Raciest Music Videos

The Daily Beast, appeared online July 18th, 2013. Countdown of history's most controversial music videos. 

Despite technical difficulties, Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche collaborates with SU musicians

Newshouse, appeared online March 8, 2013. Review of a performance by Glenn Kotche. 

Lotus Blossoms

20 Watts Magazine, October 12 2012. Album review and Until the Quiet Comes and overview of the work of Flying Lotus.